April 15, 2011

aku ingin hidup bersamamu
seperti pelangi
yang indah dengan warna warni
yang tidak saling menghianati
antara satu warna dengan yang lain

aku ingin hidup bersamamu
seperti pelangi
yang indah pada waktunya

aku ingin hidup bersamamu
seperti pelangi
yang ada untuk semua

hidup bersamamu
seperti pelangi sore ini
yang aku temui kala hujan berhenti
hingga tertutup senja yang berseri


i meet “j”again

Juli 14, 2009

wah about a week i didn’t meet “j” but to day i was chat wth “j ” again oh GOD thankz..n..actually last niaght i have meet with “theo” he’s my old friend…in elementary school exactly…he more handsome now…
he move to linggau with his parents at 8 years ago….it’s so

ummm i’m disapointed…

Juli 8, 2009

actually to day i wanna go to wathcing movie with my luphli friends..but they have canceled this hey have some busine…n to day
we have democration party….
oh my God….i’m realy2 dispaointed cz i’m very happy when i know
about this plan….but…it’s ok maybe not now bat later i’ll wathc movie with them…

what happen with to day

Juli 7, 2009

ummm i’m happy to day…because to day i have meet with my special one from canada….actualy since a month ago we didn’t meet…
“j” was say that “j” is tired..because “j” have many job at there…n “J” it’s hard work for “j”….
oh God keep safe…”J” for me….

still wanna talking

Juli 6, 2009

a i u e o…. to day i was chat with some whose
“nice” to’s the secound time i have chat with..”R..” but “R..” must go to some agency to find airplane icket..”R..” cz “R..” mom wanna back to bangka…hufff but it’s ok cz “R..” wanna continue next time hahahaha i’m so happy..

still confuse

Juli 6, 2009

oh my god..i don’t know what to do in this site…i’m so confuse to opperate this site…any one wanna help me..????
its so hard..n diferent than ..B…R..sorry i must tell u..but it’s just my tthhingking…hehehehe

new comer

Juli 5, 2009

umm just wanna say hi to this site n every people
whose read my blog..hehehe
nice to meet u all….

Hello world!

Juli 5, 2009

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